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Tiger Taekwondo Academy was founded by Master Jaeseok Choi and Master Kiho Kim based on the philosophy of Taekwondo – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.  We continue to provide quality martial arts instruction in both traditional and Olympic style Taekwondo. The physical benefits and philosophy of Taekwondo help bring a happier life to our students. We have been serving the University Place, Tacoma and Lakewood Areas since July 2006, and recently added a location in Federal Way.

All classes are taught by Master Jaeseok Choi, 6th Dan Black Belt and Master Russell Larson, 4th Dan Black Belt.  They are assisted by several Black Belt students and color belt students hand picked by Master Choi to be Junior Leaders. These outstanding students are currently training to become Assistant Instructors.

Tiger Taekwondo is under the umbrella of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), which is the sole governing body of Taekwondo in front of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  We are also affiliated with USA Taekwondo.  This makes it possible for us to issue Official Black Belt Certificates from Kukkiwon.  Our black belts are duly recognized in all countries of the world who participate in the Olympic Games.

 We also offer an after school Taekwondo pickup program available to University Place and Tacoma students.  Ask Master Choi or Master Larson for additional details. 


Summer Camp!

Summer camp programs are now going on at Tiger Taekwondo. Download our summer camp schedule and come join the fun! 2015 TTA Summer Camp Pamplet

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Give Taekwondo a Try!

Students of all ages benefit from practicing Taekwondo in many ways, including: Increasing confidence and self-esteem Developing self-discipline Learning self-defense Increasing stamina, flexibility and strength Stress relief Give it a try by signing up for 2 weeks of lessons for …

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